The Water & Sanitation Service Center of the Austrian Red Cross

Why does the Austrian RC engage in WASH?

Globally providing emergency relief for disaster victims has been a key activity of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (RC/RC) movement for more than 80 years. The Austrian RC was hereby one of the first to train and deploy water and sanitation emergency response units (ERU).


However, since access to safe water and improved sanitation is a chronic global need for more than one billion people, the Austrian RC puts increasing emphasis also on long-term development activities with a focus on sustainability and disaster preparedness.

With long-standing experience in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), the Austrian RC focusses on:

  • Development, distribution and deployment of disaster response tools
  • Long-term integrated development projects, focussing on water, sanitation and hygiene

What services do we offer?

Based on long-term practical experience and state-of-the-art know-how, the WatSan Service Center offers support and consultancy services for:

  • Assistance in participatory project planning and design as well as technical quality assurance of project proposals
  • Technical support and back-stopping in project implementation
  • Project assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • WASH capacity development within the Austrian RC and its RC/RC partners
  • Network management, communication strategies and knowledge dissemination
  • Contribution to the sector-specific dialogue (e.g. through workshops)
  • WASH advocacy and public relations (e.g. presentations)
  • WASH research
  • Development of disaster response tools
  • Emergency deployments


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