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The disaster relief workers of the Red Cross assist with evacuation, organise emergency accommodation, provide people with the basic necessities, purify drinking water.


To be prepared for emergencies they train in their free time – around 600 hours a year. Not only are they called out for natural disasters, such as the floods in Austria in summer 2002, or earthquakes, like the one in Iran in December 2003, but also for road accidents.

Disaster relief in Austria:

■ Pile-up sets (MEGUS)
■ Emergency accommodation and field kitchens
■ Conditioning drinking water
■ Emergency generators
■ Search-and-rescue dogs


Operating worldwide.

Earthquake in Iran, tsunami in Asia, war in Iraq: our disaster relief workers operate worldwide. They also provide the number one emergency medicine:
clean drinking water – where wars destroy the water supply or where legions of refugees are on the move.


By building wells, Red Cross workers not only save lives but also prevent the break-out of epidemics. In eastern Europe the Red Cross provides the destitute with food and medical aid. Austrian Red Cross delegates manage aid projects on site and ensure that aid is received by those who need it most.



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