16 key staff of humanitarian organisations in the target countries will have the opportunity to access expertise in the humanitarian sector from Austrian Red Cross and RedR UK, tailored at filling capacity gaps.  An in depth and high profile technical support on cross-organisational sharing and learning on crucial management topics, candidates’ individual and organisational capacities in the humanitarian sector will be increased and enhanced. One study visit varies between three to five days, defined by the specific need.

Sanitäterin Nahaufnahme lachend Im Rettungswagen (BKTW) der Bezirksstelle Neusiedl am See/Burgenland. Fotos für das Skriptum "Sicherer Einsatzfahrer (SEF)" September 2005. Fahrzeug im neuen Design. Querformat
credit: Austrian Red Cross

Professional support will be offered across a range of technical areas including Human Resources, Security, Finance and accounting systems or issues, Communication and Marketing, logistic or networking skills development.


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