22.09.2016 12:11

World First Aid Day in Austria

In a recent campaign the Austrian Red Cross used a different approach to foster interest for first aid.

World First Aid Day in Austria

„Blood makes me feel sick. First aid is scary, nobody really wants to provide it.“ These are prejudices we often hear. As First Aid is a very important part of the Red Cross network we designed our marketing campaign in 2015 just around first aid.


We chose an alternative way of communication: instead of shocking pictures we showed  images triggering a „movie“ in the recipient‘s head: Is the old lady peacefully sleeping on the couch or did she suffer a stroke? Is the little girl playing at the pool and is she able to swim? In 99% of the cases, everything is fine. But be save up to a 100% you better book a first aid course at your next Redcross office. 

In addition to the classic parts of the campaign, we also set a special focus on online communication to inform people about first aid and to provide an overview about the different kind of first-aid-classes all over Austria. The possibility to subscribe for an email-first-aid-crash-training was used by more than 7.000 people. Those who did register received e-mails related to different first-aid-topics for five days in a row, links to videos and were motivated to subscribe for a real life first-aid-training.

As a result of the campaign, we can determine on the one hand an increasing amount of people who booked First Aid classes and on the other hand there is a more confident mindset within the population.

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