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"To improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity.” This is the mission statement of the 188 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world. The 200 million workers in this worldwide aid network put this philosophy into practice day after day – and do so in accordance with the seven Red Cross principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity, universality.



The Structure of the Austrian Red Cross Society:

  • The Austrian National Red Cross Society acts on national and international levels, coordinates all relevant activities, and controls foreign, national and supranational operations
  • Nine Regional Branches: Corporate bodies with operational independence
  • 139 District Branches: Regional subsidiaries that implement activities
  • 551 Local branches


Legal base:

The Austrian Red Cross was founded and officially recognized in 1880. The most recent renewal of this recognition dates from the Red Cross protection law in 1962. The society joined the International Federation in 1921.


Regional and national bodies have been established as non-profit societies under Austrian law and act with legal and financial independence. The society statutes date from 1970 and were last revised in 2013.

The organisation chart of the Red-Cross-Headquarters

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