Annual Forum 2018

Bulgaria: 26 to 28 October 2018

hosted by the Bulgarian Red Cross

Measuring the Qualitiy of Psychosocial Support

Training on Monitoring and Evaluation on 23rd, 24th and 25th October and

Training on Psychosocial Support in Emergencies on 29th and 30th October


Final reports Annual Forum 2018

Final report ENPS  Annual Forum 2018


The Forum

Info pack Annual ENPS Forum 2018



The purpose of this year’s Forum of the European Network of Psychosocial Support (ENPS) is to provide European and Central Asian Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies, working in the domain of Psychosocial Support (PS), with a venue and safe place to exchange ideas, and promote and share different ways of measuring the quality of psychosocial support. It will allow participants to review and enhance current programmes and make recommendations for future PS developments paying particular attention to how we promote the quality of our interventions.



This Forum has been designed to be as engaging, inclusive and interactive as possible.  Various methods of sharing information, including examples of RC/RC practice, interventions, monitoring and evaluations will be used. The Forum language will be English.



Each European and Central Asian RC/RC National Society is invited to participate. Participants should have an interest in, responsibility for and/or practical experience of psychosocial support activities, programmes or training. There will be opportunities to share your PS resources and developments (so please bring materials with you!) and hear from other National Societies about their PS developments and responses. 

In order to apply, please check the prices and then follow this link to complete the registration form:



The Forum will be held at the Bulgarian Red Cross’ training centre just outside of Sofia from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October, 2018; from 1.30pm (GMT+2) on Friday to 12.30pm (GMT+2) on Sunday. For further information please email: enps2018(at)



Title: Measuring the Quality of Psychosocial Support

We believe that a well done evaluation is a psychosocial intervention in itself and also that we each have a responsibility to promote the quality of our programmes and practices through effective monitoring.  This Forum will consider some of the challenges we face in doing this and how we can overcome them.

Objectives of the Forum:

    • To raise awareness of the meaning and usefulness of monitoring and evaluation in PS activities
    • To reduce anxiety around monitoring and evaluation in PS activities
    • To share good practice, challenges and mistakes about monitoring and evaluation in PS activities.

    Download Programme Annual Forum 2018


    Solidarity Fund

    Please contribute to the ENPS Solidarity Fund which supports National Societies to participate in the Forum.  In order to support one delegate from as many National Societies as possible, please send € 500 or as much as you can to the bank account on the registration form as soon as possible.  If you need an invoice, please email enps2018(at) and we can send you one.  Many thanks for anything that you can give.


    Two Trainings

    The ENPS Steering Committee and Bulgarian Red Cross have arranged for two training events to take place in the same venue as the Forum.  Before the Forum, the IFRC’s Psychosocial Reference Centre will deliver their training on Monitoring and Evaluation on 23rd, 24th and 25th October. This training begins at 1pm on 23rd October, runs all day on 24th and finishes at 5pm on 25th October. 

    After the event, Professor Barbara Juen will deliver a training on Psychosocial Support in Emergencies certified by the Austrian Red Cross and the University of Innsbruck for two full days on 29th and 30th October, 2018.

    To apply for either, all or any combination of these events/trainings, please complete the registration form which you can find at this link:


    A Celebration!

    Friday 25th October, 2018 is the Bulgarian Red Cross’ 140th Anniversary!! So, any participant who is present at the Bulgarian Red Cross’ Training Centre in Sofia on 25th October is invited to the celebrations.  We will provide you with further details after registration.



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