Annual ENPS Forum 2014

Dublin, Ireland: 24 to 26 October 2014

Hosted by the Irish Red Cross, Emmaus Centre, Dublin, Ireland


The purpose of the Forum is to provide Eu-ropean Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies, working in the domain of Psycho-social Support (PS), with a venue and the time to exchange ideas, good practice and tactics. It will allow the participants to set strategy and recommendations for future PS development.



The style of the Forum will include a num-ber of presentations by speakers on related topics, examples of RC/RC practice and interventions, as well as discussions in workshops. The Forum language will be English.


Each European RC/RC National Society is invited to participate. Participants should have interest in, responsibility for, or practi-cal experience of, psycho-social support activities, programmes or training.


The Forum will be held in Emmaus Centre, Dublin, hosted by the Irish Red Cross, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 October, 2014; from 12 a.m. on Friday to 13 p.m. on Sunday.

Title: Vulnerabilities and challenges in a changing world – Do no harm.

This year’s Forum focus on DO NO HARM, we will learn, share and discuss how we can reduce the risks in various ways and how we can work in a changing world and in challenging contexts.

"Humanitarian aid is an important means of helping people affected by emergencies, but aid can also cause unintentional harm" says M. Andersson already in 1999.
The Guidelines on Mental Health and Psy-chosocial support in Emergency Settings by IASC says that work on mental health and psychosocial support has the potential to cause harm because it deals with highly sen-sitive issues.


  • Introduction on principles to “Do no harm”
  • The importance of the assessments to prevent harmful interventions
  • Do no harm to volunteers/ Volunteer management
  • Do no harm in programming
  • Practical examples of the work from National Societies
  • Has the economic crises changed our programming?
  • Follow-up on RC/RC crisis interventions during recent year


Download the first announcement

Download the draft programme (31 July 2014)

Documents, presentations and material of the Annual Forum

Download part 1

Download part 2 (Ziga´s material & documents)

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