Annual ENPS Forum 2011

Easingwold, York, England: Friday 14 to Sunday 16 October 2011

At the UK Government Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College.

(Pic by June Rudman, BRC) click on image for a larger pic

The purpose of the Forum is to provide European Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies, working in the domain of Psycho-social Support (PS), with a venue and the time to exchange ideas, good practice and tactics. It will allow the participants to set strategy and recommendations for future PS development.


The style of the Forum will include a number of presentations by speakers on related topics, as well as examples of RC/RC practice and interventions. Equal time will be given to participation in themed and facilitated workshops.
The Forum language will be English.


Each European RC/RC National Society is invited to participate. Participants should have responsibility for, or practical experience of, psycho-social support activities, programmes or training.


The Forum will be held at the UK Government Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, Easingwold, York, England, from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 October, 2011.


Resilience in Practice: Exploring Links to Psychosocial Support


The Forum this year will build on the discussions at the Forum last year,, developing ideas on how to build resilience and to look into practical aspects of the theoretical concept. We will share, exchange and discuss the following:

  • Basic concepts
  • Psychosocial first aid in practice
  • Training methods and examples
  • Programmes and projects
  • The activities that we can do as RC to build resilience
  • Possible ways to measure resilience.


email (only for this years forum):

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