Belgian Red Cross - French Community

Who is responsible for psychosocial support (PSS)?

The Psychosocial Emergency Assistance Unit (Sisu)


Contact for PSS


Anne Sophie Delizee

Phone: +32-81-58 57 21

Fax: +32-81-74 67 72





Website of the national society or PSS


Field of psychosocial support at the moment

  • Immediate psychosocial support following disasters and incidents;
  • Training and implementing PSS network at community level (authorities, psychosocial workers,…);
  • PSS to volunteers and staff from Belgian Red Cross (French community) : our international delegates / our national staff from reception centers for asylum seekers and refugees / our national staff from the emergency and rescue department (“112” ambulance) / … ;
  • Managing and training Emergency Care Team “Stressteam” at Fedasil (the Belgian Federal Agency for the reception of refugees and asylum seekers).



  • Major incidents;
  • Workplace violence and accidents;
  • Public Minstries;
  • Airports;
  • Youth Organisations;
  • Social Organisations.


Scope of activities

  • Training, information and Crisis management;
  • Psychosocial support / Professional advices for organizations where it is needed
  • To help various Organisations to integrate PSS aspects in their Contingency planning
  • Training of internal resources in ‘risks’ contexts.
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