Estonia Red Cross

Who is responsible for psychosocial support (PSS)?

Ellen Sternhof

Phone +372 6605 344,



Contact for PSS

Contact person 1

Name: Riina Kabi

Phone: +372 6411125

Fax: +372 6411641

e-mail: riina.kabi(at)


Contact person 2

Name: Haide Laanemets

Phone: +372 6411643

Fax: +372 6411641

e-mail: haide.laanemets(at)


Website of the national society or PSS:


Field of psychosocial support at the moment

  • Training of Primary Care Units (PC-Unit) staffed by volunteers. PC-unit members are responsible for Psychosocial Support, First Aid, Sheltering and Restoring Family Links of Victims in case of emergencies.
  • Training of Disaster Preparedness Units (DP-Unit) trained on First Aid, Psychosocial Support, Search and Rescue, Primary Care, HIV/AIDS Prevention and International Humanitarian Law. The Units can be deployed in domestic disasters or major accidents.
  • The programme of Basic First Aid Training Course aimed at the general public contains 2 hours session on psychosocial support in case of accidents.
  • Trainings as a service on psychosocial support aimed at the general  public are available.
  • Visiting Service (as a service) in Paldisici Branch incl. Psychosocial Support for elderly living alone.
  • Leaflet on Psychosocial Support for the general public is published.
  • Preparation of Peer Training on Psychosocial Support targeted at Youth is in the process and will be implemented in the near future.
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