French Red Cross

Who is responsible for psychosocial support (PSS)?

National: Carole CRETIN, Social care department director.

National: Rosine DUHAMEL, Psychosocial telephone helpline, Croix Rouge Ecoute, and the National Psychosocial Network.

International: Cecilie ALESSANDRI, Psychosocial desk officer for international relations and operations direction.


Contact for PSS National


Phone: + 33 1 44 43 13 34



Contact for PSS International


Phone: +33 1 44 43 13 67





Field of psychosocial support at the moment


  • Croix-Rouge Ecoute and Croix-Rouge Ecoute…les détenus (helpline)
  • National network of  volunteers (mental health professions) responsible for psychological support (in  charge of providing psychological support to FRC volunteers and technical advisers in psychological support)
  • Psychosocial support  trainings
  • Suicide prevention program for prisoners



  • Provide Psychosocial support to vulnerable population in emergency and development situations (refugees, people living with HIV with special focus on children living with HIV and prevention for most at risk population including sex workers and detainees, conflicts survivors, Protection, GBV and SGBV, mother and child health care including malnutrition prevention and treatment)
  • Training in PSS and stress management
  • PSS staff and volunteers supervision and support



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