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Vienna, with its approximately 2 million inhabitants is situated in the heart of Europe. Its geographic, as well as its geopolitical, location has established Vienna after the Second World War as a centre for international meetings.


It is a popular location for conferences; moreover, it is one of the United Nations Headquarters, and also home to a number of other international organisations.


Vienna is a city on which its ever-changing history has left an indelible mark, reflected also in its rich cultural heritage. Viennese writers, musicians, artists and scientists have forged new directions for the modern world in every field.


Today Vienna offers old historical palaces and modern shopping centres, Austrian food and haute cuisine, Viennese coffee houses and restaurants, opera performances and jazz sessions, classical concerts and open air festivals, antique shops and elegant boutiques – all these contrasts are harmonized into something typically Viennese.


Vienna has numerous museums and tourist attractions, such as palaces (Hofburg, Schönbrunn), art galleries (Museums Quarter, Albertina, Fine Arts Museum), crown jewels (Schatzkammer, Silberkammer), museums (Natural History Museum, Technical Museum, Clock Museum, Applied Arts Museum, Vienna City Museum, Mozart Figaro House, Sigmund Freud home), churches (too numerous to list), parks and recreation areas (including the famous Prater), musical events, Spanish riding school and many more.


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