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Austrian Youth Red Cross (AYRC) is part of the Austrian Red Cross. The task of the AYRC is to encourage young people to foster a humanitarian outlook on life and behave accordingly towards other people, as well as providing concrete help. The AYRC offers comprehensive services for both teachers and students. These include: publications and projects on issues of peace and conflict, personality strengthening and development, health issues, diverse therapy holidays and disaster relief.

Hands-On Programs

The Youth Red Cross also organizes hands-on programs, such as summer camps for children suffering from rheumatic or asthmatic diseases. The children at these camps not only have a wonderful time, but are also taught how to live with their handicaps. Another hands-on program is the in-school Peer Group Education Training in AIDS prevention, which has established new standards throughout the country. Furthermore, the Youth Red Cross publishes print materials; Spatzenpost, Kleines Volk, Jung Österreich and TOPIC are magazines for youth aged seven to sixteen. The magazines' topics range from politics, economy, and the arts to the environment, science and sports - and they focus on the promoting humanitarian messages!


If you take a look at the Austrian Youth Red Cross’ mission statement, you will discover that it is active in various fields. We work on a wide variety of projects in the areas you can see right-handed.

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