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The Youth Red Cross has a number of programs that address the issue of disaster response and assistance, as well as emergency rehabilitation. These programs are designed to involve Austrian students in providing fast and non-bureaucratic assistance to people who have been touched by disaster.


Emergency response is not only important during or right after a disaster, but must also include long-term support. The goal of emergency rehabilitation is to avoid another catastrophe and/or to minimize its impact.


As a member of the International Red Cross Network, the Youth Red Cross is engaged in national and international projects that respond to emergencies. For example, it helps to send disaster bags, school supply kits, and blankets to regions where a disaster has occurred.


The Austrian Youth Red Cross provides emergency response at national and international level. There are many examples of international projects, such as those that have been implemented in Kosovo, Bosnia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Bulgaria.


International Projects:

In Kosovo:

During the war in Kosovo, the Austrian Youth Red Cross organized a Kosovo Campaign! Posters encouraging students to collect disaster bags and money were hung in schools. Finally, 65,000 disaster bags were sent to a refugee camp in Albania, and ten million Schillings were sent to help rebuild schools and kindergartens after the war.


In Banja Luka, Bosnia:

The cost of lunch for one student in Banja Luka is seven Schillings – the lunch includes a nutritious sandwich, fruit, and milk. After the war in Bosnia, the Austrian Youth Red Cross raised money to help purchase lunches for Bosnian students.


In Mozambique:

Water is critical for survival! But as floods raged in Mozambique, drinking water was scarce. The Austrian Youth Red Cross helped finance the construction of several wells to provide drinking water to residents of Mozambique.


In Nicaragua:

The Hurricane Assistance Program – a whirlwind of help! In two weeks, more than 4,000 disaster bags were sent to help victims of Hurricane Mitch. In addition, 1,2 million Schillings were sent to help rebuild schools after the hurricane. All of this was accomplished by a poster campaign in schools which encouraged Austrian students to get involved in the Hurricane Assistance Program!


In Dobrich, Bulgaria:

The Youth Red Cross in Dobrich initiated an asylum and day-care center for homeless children, and the Austrian Youth Red Cross has helped make this center a reality through financial support.

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