Integration and therapy sujet

Programms for others:

The aim of the Austrian Youth Red Cross to support the most vulnerable is the reason, why the therapy camps for children with rheumatism and asthma were developed. At the Youth Red Cross we truly believe that camps like these help to improve the physical and mental condition of the chronically ill. Furthermore, the Youth Red Cross organizes a summer camp for handicapped children. On these three camps participants benefit from the experience of shared problems and difficulties and from the feeling of being equal. Besides the therapy camps just mentioned, the Youth Red Cross also hosts a Youth Vacation and a Holland Vacation. As the host of all of these camps, the Youth Red Cross funds between 50% and 90% of the costs of the camps.


Youth Vacation (Cervia, Italy):

This Youth Vacation is a model of integration. Twelve young people, aged 16 - 19, who are handicapped and non-handicapped spend ten wonderful and restful days together. Cervia, near Rimini (Italy), offers everything that the young people need for fun and relaxation: sun, beaches, discos, shopping, the sea, and sport facilities. The hotel and it's facilities are equipped to cater for the needs of people with disabilities.


Holland Vacation

This trip is a classic as far as Austrian Youth Red Cross vacation programs go! It is organized in partnership with the Europa-Kinderhulp organization. 50 to 70 children from Vienna, Salzburg, and Burgenland spend three exciting weeks in The Netherlands. For many of them, this trip is their first ever!


The 8 to 12 year old travellers often come from families who are socially deprived and struggle financially. Many of these families support more than one child. For these families, such a trip is a luxury. Friendships that last for years are sparked as a result of the three weeks that the children spend living with host families. The relationships that develop, the mutual understanding that exists, and the non-violent environment mean a great deal to the participants.


The young people’s laughter and bright eyes are the first signs that the group has arrived in the land of the windmills. Homesickness is not a common occurrence. The Holland Vacation involves three weeks without difficulties, with safety, and with friends – free of everyday problems, fighting, or loneliness.

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