Programms for you:

The Austrian Youth Red Cross publishes a variety of educational magazines. These magazines do not preach a perfect world, but instead emphasize a future-oriented outlook and communicate humanitarian values. The magazines motivate readers to become involved and to make a difference in their own communities. The magazines, which contain a wide variety of topics, provide suitable teaching materials for almost every school subject, but are also for private use. We offer several magazines for different age groups.


The magazines for primary schools, Mini-Spatzenpost, Spatzenpost, and Kleines Volk as well as the magazines for secondary schools, and TOPIC, are monthlies. As a result of active communication between the young readers and the writers, these magazines have become a place for young people to express their opinions. The ArbeitsBLÄTTER for teachers is published four times a year. This magazine provides interesting information and ideas, how to integrate humanitarian, social, health, and other Red Cross issues in class.

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