In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fundamental Principles in 2015, we have the pleasure of informing you about "#running4principles".


Michael Dorfstätter, an Austrian Red Cross volunteer, committed himself to running a series of seven marathons under the name "7 Principles Marathons." The seven marathons he has chosen will take place in:


  • Bratislava (29 March, "universality")
  • Zurich (19 April, "unity")
  • Salzburg (3 May, "volunteerism")
  • Ulm (27 September, "independence")
  • Budapest (11 October, "neutrality")
  • Ljubljana (25 October, "impartiality")
  • Verona (15 November, "humanity")


In these runs he will be accompanied and supported by Red Cross colleagues, forming a "Fundamental Principles running team".


In addition, we want to engage as many Red Cross colleagues, volunteers and other runners as possible in promoting the fundamental principles and call upon them to show their support during the seven Marathon events.


You can simply join in and support the initiative.


That's the way it works: Go for a run on one of the Marathon days - no matter where you live, how long you run or how far you get - and share it via #running4principles on social media


  • Post your run publicly on Facebook at #running4principles - share to public
  • Share your run via Twitter #running4principles - public tweet
  • Share via Instagram #running4principles


The project implementation is supported by Runtastic. Go and win 1 out of 7 "Runtastic GOLD-Memberships" for one year (value €49,90) " provided by Runtastic.




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