The repair of damaged infrastructure is often an effective intervention in water and sanitation (WatSan) related disaster response. This is particularly true in areas where hand pumps are common. In order to enable WatSan responders to consider the restoration of hand pumps within their work, a sound knowledge of different hand pump models is needed. Therefore Austrian Red Cross (AutRC) established the Hand Pump Center in Vienna to train internationally deployed Red Cross volunteers and staff on hand pump rehabilitation and maintenance. Since 2010 AutRC has been holding 4-day hand pump training courses open to international NGOs approximately once per year. From 2012 the Hand Pump Center can be booked for training purposes also by other organizations.

hpc outdoor facility

Outdoor facilities

  • 5 boreholes with concrete aprons
  • 2 INDIA Mark II pumps (normal/deep well cylinder)
  • 2 AFRIDEV pumps (hook and eye/threaded rods)
  • 1 borehole for other hand pump models (e.g. Afripump, India Mark III, Kardia, No. 6 Pump, Vergnet)
  • storage container with several spare parts, pipes
  • tool kits for 5 individual training groups
  • several installation manuals for all pump models
  • 1 flip chart easel, 5 poster stands, metal wall with magnets
hpc indoor facility

Indoor facilities

  • 2 training rooms (77 / 113 m², 20 / 24 pax in U-shape) with full training equipment
    - desktop-computer incl. internet-connection & printer
    - LCD & overhead projector
    - DVD & CD-player, TV, sound system
    - internet access for participants via wi-fi
    - air condition
    - dimmable lights
    - whiteboard, flip charts, pin boards, magnetic wall band
    - facilitators case with various facilitation material, flip chart markers, flip chart paper, …
  • cafeteria
  • breakout room with kitchen facilities
  • toilet and shower facilities

Support services

  • Cooperation with nearby hotel offering reduced rates for participants (www.austria-trend.at/fav)
  • Catering for coffee breaks can be arranged



Technicians are available for handover of facilities and equipment as well as for support with the hand pumps. Training facilitators can be made available upon request.



Hand Pump Center (outdoor)
incl. all pumps, spare parts
and tools & 1 technician
EUR 300,-incl. VAT per day
Training room 1 "Castiglione" (113 m²)EUR 198,-incl. VAT per day
Training room 2 "Solferino" (77 m²)EUR 148,-incl. VAT per day
Lunch (3 courses)EUR 5,-incl. VAT per person

The Hand Pump Center is located at AutRC's central warehouse and training center in the south of Vienna.
Oberlaaer Straße 300-306

1230 Wien, Austria


Service Center Water & Sanitation Austrian Red Cross
Wiedner Hauptstraße 32 A

1041 Vienna, Austria
t: +43 1 589 00 – 535
e: watsan(at)redcross.at

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