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The Austrian health care system is not equipped to deal with people who are seriously ill or dying.


This shortfall is the reason for the hospice-movement, which has its roots in England at the end of the 1960’s. Hospices are equipped for very sick people. They seek to help and relive the suffering of people with physical or mental difficulties, and to give them a new lease of life. The first Hospice to have been established by the Austrian Red Cross is the “Helga Treichl Hospice”.


Palliative medicine is an integral part of the care and monitoring of patients, who find themselves in advanced and advancing stages of an incurable illness.



People remain important even at the very end of their lives, and we will do all we can for them not just to ensure a peaceful passing, but also so they can live out their last days with dignity. (Cicely Saunders)


  • Improving the quality of life and alleviation of symptoms of illness
  • Strengthening and preparing relatives.
  • Preparation of continued homecare when appropriate


The team

We are a multi disciplinary team of palliative medicine specialists made up of; doctors, care workers, a social worker. With Physiotherapists, religious councillors, and psychologists brought in as required. Volunteer workers complete our team.



What we offer

ared for and not alone, but still maintaining ones independence.


  • Pain therapy
  • Symptom control and alleviation
  • Palliative care
  • To cater for individual needs (Preferred foods, daily routine, therapy)
  • Advice regarding benefits etc Relief and companionship for relatives (before, during and after the patients stay)
  • Psychological and spiritual counselling
  • Grief counselling
  • Cooperation with Hospitals, GP’s and ambulance service.



Who can apply for a place with us?

  • People in the far stages of terminal illness
  • People with acute complaints such as pain, sickness and breathing difficulty.
  • With emotional and family difficulties.
  • Those that cannot be looked after in the home.
  • Friends and Relations of the parties involved.
  • Follow professionals in Clinics, the ambulance service, doctors, and religious councilors.




There is an excess payable; the portion of the total amount it constitutes is calculated on a means tested basis.



Our accommodation offers:

  • Spacious single rooms with south facing terraces
  • Living area with kitchen
  • Library Seminar room
  • Separate Smoking room
  • Large, quiet, garden enclosure
  • Overnight facility for relatives
  • Round the clock visiting
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