1. Organisation:

Our people are the deciding factor in the success of the Red Cross, this achieved through the following:


  • Identification with the organisation and its aims
  • Opportunity to be responsible and independent
  • Performance Related Promotion
  • continuous and advanced training
  • Improved internal information flow
  • Modern working conditions
  • Aid for when the aid worker when required
  • Intensive future development work: Encouragement of Youth groups
  • Development and implementation of modern management instruments and adequate forward planning
  • Clear attribution of tasks, skills responsibilities between local, district and national organisations and general office, through effective structuring 




2. Communication:

Communication for the Red Cross as a service providing organisation is an essential function, for all the units and service areas are concerned.


  • Intensive training of management in the area of communication
  • Local organisations must look at the bigger picture and think in terms of the whole Red Cross when dealing with media.
  • Securing the internal information flows.
  • Creation of meaningful publications (brochures, leaflets, videos…)
  • Looking for action orientated partnerships with the media
  • Being concerned with the way the media puts across any information regarding the Red Cross, making sure the right message gets through.
  • A uniform appearance to ensure recognition
    Goal: to conserve confidence and credibility

3. Financing:

  • The Goal is to link cost and performance and to make sure that costs are always covered.
  • Updating the costing (irregular costs, cost centres, product cost accounting) ensuring cost transparency.
  • Application of regulated budgetary and controlling instruments.
  • Observing auditing guidelines (professional auditing)
  • Encouragement of a broad financial donor base.
  • Increasing information about what the money is being spent on
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