Dubrovnik, Croatia: Friday 16 to Sunday 18 October 2009

«Stress awareness and management»
«Do we practise what we preach?»

The purpose of the Forum is to provide European Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies, working in the domain of Psycho-social Support (PS), with a venue and the time to exchange ideas, good practice and tactics. It will allow the participants to set strategy and recommendations for future PS development.



The style of the Forum will include a number of presentations by speakers on related topics, as well as examples of RC/RC practices and interventions. Equal time will be given to participation in themed and facilitated workshops.
The Forum language will be English. If language is a problem, please contact us and we will do what we can.



Each European RC/RC National Society will be invited to participate. One or two places will be allocated to each NS. Participants should have responsibility for, or practical experience of, Psycho-social Support activities, programmes or training.



The Forum will be held at the Importanne Resort, Hotel "Neptun" Kardinala Stepinca 3, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
It will be hosted by the Croatian Red Cross and supported by the European Network for Psychosocial Support (ENPS).

It will begin at 2 p.m. on Friday 16th of October 2009 and end at 13.00 p.m. on Sunday 18th of October 2009.



Title: Stress awareness and management: “Do we practise what we preach?”

In this forum we will be exploring what this subject means for us, our organisation and the volunteers, on a journey that will encompass the different points of view about caring for our teams.
A review of basic knowledge of PS will be carried out, as well as the different aspects of support for volunteers and staff in the NS. We will have a look at policies and programmes. We will also analyse the managers´ role in providing a supportive environment for the teams.
Furthermore, we plan to pay special attention to the current international situation, regarding the psychosocial aspects of the economical crisis, and a selection of the best tools that can be provided to the population to cope with this challenge. In difficult times, psychosocial support is called to be, even more strongly, a fundamental resource to general public.


For more details please contact: Forum2009(at)hck.hr

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