Icelandic Red Cross

Who is responsible for psychosocial support (PSS)?

National departement
Helga G. Halldorsdottir (National director)


Focal point - Contact for PSS
Elfa Dögg S. Leifsdóttir
Phone: +354 570 4000
e-mail: elfal(at)

Field of psychosocial support at the moment


  • Courses on PS for RC volunteers
  • Advance trainings for RC volunteers who want to specialize in PS
  • PS courses in PS for general public and professionals
  • Including PS in RC programs such as home visiting for elderly, prisoners, asylum and RC hotline
  • PS in Disaster preparedness
  • PS courses for refugees – adults – children
  • IRC crises intervention teams


  • Funding school based project in Palestine together with Danish Red Cross
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