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Field of psychosocial support at the moment

Following the major earthquake hit in 1999 and huge devastation in Marmara Region in Turkey more than one hundred and forty-five thousand houses and nearly twenty-two thousand service buildings were destroyed. Seventeen thousand one hundred bodies were recovered from the destruction along with forty-four thousand injured. The number of deaths and injuries reached devastating numbers, Turkish Red Crescent, International Federation and movement members started operating in the area.  As psychosocial support has been an integral and crucial part of the humanitarian relief works, TRCS psychosocial support program was set to heal wounds of the affected populations and rebuild the social structure with the support of the IFRC and National Societies. The PSP program ran under the management of TRCs Disaster Operation Center in Ankara from 2001 to 2011. During this time period the TRCS conducted psychosocial support activities for national and international disaster relief operations.
Since 2011 Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and mass migration towards Turkey, Psychosocial Support Programs of TRC expanded via Community Centers Project in 10 cities of Turkey under the management of Red Cross and Red Crescent Cooperation Program in Ankara. Now TRCS PSS approach is providing psychosocial support and basic health care as an entry point to the affected population, as a platform for all other responses including protection, prevention, harmonization, information dissemination, education and livelihood support through the centers. The PSS program within Community Centers recruited psychologists, social workers and health workers who are also ready to operate in disasters occur in Turkey.


  • Iraq Crisis, TRCS Refugee Camps, March 2003
  • Bingol Earthquake, May 2003
  • Train Crash, July 2004
  • South Asia Tsunami Relief – Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, December 2004
  • Pakistan Earthquake, October 2005
  • Bingöl Flood, November 2006
  • A school bus traffic accident in Izmir, April 2007
  • Ankara-Ulus Bombing, July 2007
  • Gungoren Istanbul Bombing, 2007
  • Van Earthquake, 2011
  • Soma Mine Disaster, 2014
  • Ermenek Mine Disaster, 2014
  • Temporary Accomodation Centers for Syrians, Coup Attempt  in 2016


1. Community Based Psychosocial Support Activities for Syrians

(Community Centers: Şanlıurfa CC, İstanbul Sultanbeyli CC, İstanbul Bağcılar CC, Ankara CC, Konya CC, Kilis CC, Bursa CC, İzmir CC, Adana CC, Mersin CC)

  • Needs assesment
  • Protection and Case Management
  • Psychoeducation and Trainings for adults, children, parents, teachers
  • Individual Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Support Groups
  • Social and Cultural Harmonization Activities
  • Volunteer Involvement (professional / non-professional)
  • Staff Support Activities (staff and volunteers)
  • Livelihood
  • Capacity Building (staff, volunteers and TRC branches)
  • Basic Health Care Trainings
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Services

(2) Social Services and Social Care Programs for Vulnerable Groups

  • Ordinary Social and Financial Support Program
  • East & South East Anatolia Social & Psychosocial Aid Activities
  • Activities for the Elderly: Community-based Home Care and Guest Houses (in Sisli, Edremit and Bandirma)
  • Supporting Juvenile Delinquents and their families


(3) Staff Support Activities


(4) Regional and local PS capacity building activities


Pakistan: on 8th of March 2006 PRCS and TRS have committed to a 3 year program by signing MoU aiming to build capacities in PRCS in the areas of Organizational Development, Disaster management and social welfare, reconstruction – Subproject related to PSS.
For PRCS a PS Unit has been established in Muzaferabat  / in Islamabad.
A Community Center in Azat Jammu Kashmir coordination of all of these activities, training the local staff, etc.

Indonesia: Some duration with Pakistan In Aceh Region

Coordinating and supporting all activities

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