family tracing

Please feel free to contact the Tracing Services of the Austrian Red Cross, when:

  • you are currently living in Austria and
  • you are separated from your family due to wars, armed conflicts or disasters and
  • you do not know where your family members are.


The Tracing Services need at least the following information about the person to be traced:

  • full name (first name, family name, if applicable: the maiden name)
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • full last known address
  • date and place of last news
  • details on how contact was lost


If the tracing case relates to a current war, armed conflict or disaster, please complete Tracing Request Form 1.


If your enquiries concern the Second World War, please use Tracing Request Form 2 (German Version only).


Please leave the completed form with your nearestRed-Cross-Branch or forward it directly to the headquarters:

Austrian Red Cross
Headquarters Tracing Services
Wiedner Hauptstraße 32
1040 Vienna


You may leave the tracing request either with the Tracing Services of the Austrian Red Cross Headquarters or with one of the Austrian Red Cross Branches. The tracing work as such will in any case only be done by our Headquarters.


The tracing in the respective country will be carried out via the Red-Cross-Network (ICRC = International Committee of the Red Cross and the respective National Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies). If your enquiries concern Austria, we contact the institutions concerned in order to get information for you.


If we succeed in finding the traced person, he/she will be informed about your enquiry. It is the decision of the traced person if he/she wants to give you her/his address, a decision which we will always respect.


If you do not live in Austria, please contact the National Red Cross-/Red Crescent-Society of the country you live in at present.


A way of tracing family members yourself can be found at


Family Tracing – considering as example:


Reunion after 60 years thanks to the Tracing Services of the Red Cross. "Whatever it takes, I have to see my brother", says Erwin Della Rosa, because he is so happy to have found his brother again – after 60 years! Mr. Della Rosa, 83 years old, was informed by the Tracing Services of the Austrian Red Cross that his brother lives in Australia. The Tracing Services found his brother and made the reunion of the two brothers possible.

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