03.05.2011 11:22

The greatest stories are never told

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement celebrates the International Year of Volunteers in 2011 with a song dedicated to millions of volunteers.

The greatest stories are never told

“The greatest stories are never told”. A statement to be proved wrong through this project, as top musicians lend their voices and their popularity to the cause of the Red Cross.


The world’s biggest aid organisation, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, celebrates the International Year of Volunteers in 2011.


The idea to highlight the work of voluntary helpers around the globe with a song evolved at the Austrian Red Cross. International celebrities and musicians were asked to contribute to this tribute to millions of humanitarians worldwide. The result is a music video featuring artists from around the globe such as Bobby McFerrin, The Boss Hoss, Paul Young or Sergio Mendes singing in solidarity with the Red Cross Red Crescent.


“Thanks to the emotional power of the music, this song will reach people’s hearts”, says music producer and composer Peter Wolf. “With international stars involved, helping others becomes popular.”


The movie to go with the song

For the music video, director Andreas Sulzer followed the stars on their heels. White sneakers symbolise the idea of unconditional aid by the Red Cross, an idea that has gone around the world. Worn by top skier Hermann Maier or Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, they are walking through the diverse locations of Red Cross operations: the steppes of Africa, the slums of America and the cities of Europe.


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