12.07.2011 10:40

Austrian Red Cross: Annual Report 2010

Austrian Red Cross: Annual Report 2010

54.727 Volunteers
6.024 Employees
3.984 Community servants

886.727 Supporting members and donors

10.355.540 Hours provided by volunteers - correspond to a value of over € 279 million (€ 27 / hour)

2.692.031 Rescue and ambulance operations across Austria

In 2010, AutRC International Aid managed a programme and project portfolio of about € 26,3 million, of which € 11,98 million were brought to account by the end of the year.

30.471 Persons have direct call provided by the Austrian Red Cross

2.062 Persons and their relatives have been accompanied by Hospice-Employees

37.557 Persons have been cared for psychosocially by specially trained Red Cross Employees

People around the world recieved medical aid amounting to € 1.441.552

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