06.06.2013 13:38

Austrian Red Cross provides Assistance to Flood Victims

Wide ranging support is provided by the Austrian Red Cross. From emergency medical services to the psychosocial support for flood victims.

Austrian Red Cross provides Assistance to Flood Victims

The heavy rains during the last few days have led to landslides and floods. The provinces of Salzburg, Tirol, Upper Austria and Lower Austria are heavily affected by. Thousands of people had to leave their homes, livelihoods and harvests have been destroyed.


The Austrian Red Cross is assisting the affected people. About 1.500 Red Cross specialists are working tirelessly across Austria. During the past days the Emergency Medical Services have been enforced in the flooded areas.


Red Cross workers are supporting evacuations and providing emergency shelter, catering and medical services for evacuated beneficiaries. Relief items (hygiene parcels, food and others) are distributed.


Psychosocial workers assist flood victims in these difficult times. Hundreds of families might have lost all their belongings due to the floodings.


In the western provinces where the water already recided, volunteers from the 'Team Österreich' are supporting clean-up operations. ‘Team Österreich’ is a supporting structure of Austrian RC integrating spontaneous volunteers into structured response.

Immidiatly after the first railway lines were closed, the Red Cross gave support to stranded railway-passengers. In order to be able to continue the assistance, the Red Cross created a major fundraising campaign in cooperation with Austrian media.

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