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Service Catalogue


Team composition and capacity:

  • around 30 volunteers of AutRC ERU WASH roster (currently from the AutRC branches od Lower Austria, Vienna, Styria, Salzburg and from the headquarters)
  • 12 with ERU mission experience
  • working in this team beside their full-time jobs, remotely from home
  • total capacity approx. 300 h/week (share with AutRC HQ, which has got priorit


Professions: social Workers, paramedics, ambulance drivers, Nurse, biotech, water, polymer, chemical, civil engineers, water mgmt., film and media production, economic scienctist, IT process and vendor mgmt., plumber, blacksmith, metal worker, in the scientific fields mentioned above, in total 13 university degrees (BA/MSc/PhD)

Red Cross specific competencies:

  • full WASH spectrum (water purification & distribution incl. household level, sanitation, hygiene promotion, vector control, waste management, drainage)
  • some ECV trained (epidemic control for volunteers)
  • faecal sludge Treatment
  • strong academic laboratory competence drinking water, faecal sludge, clean room, quality Management
  • health: paramedics, ambulance drivers, nurse, including 1 person in Corona sampling (taking swabs
  • teaching qualifications WASH and first aid

Further relevant competencies:

  • project Management
  • IT Affinity
  • statistics and data processing
  • migration, antropology
  • docu team of Red Cross
  • working with / leading youth groups (youth red cross, boy scouts, christian youth)
  • proofreading

Languages (highest level in team): French native, English C2, Serbian C1, Chinese A2, Spanish A2, Arabic A1, Italian A1

Service Catalogue:

  • questions and answers for WASH topics (using IFRC/WHO/... platforms, scientific literature and our network of experts)
  • scientific literature research to fill gaps in online platforms (upon request)
  • digest of documents and webinars (extract relevant info for customer)
  • proofreading documents in our field of Expertise
  • drafting and implementing WASH activities (e.g. hygiene promotion campaigns) following IFRC Guidelines for Hygiene Promotion and CEA o consulting, backstopping and mentoring in WASH topics/projects/campaigns, strategy and operational o remote training (individual or webinar) in WASH topics (quick and easy yes, extended trainings may need lead time)
  • linking you with experts from our professional, Red Cross and private Networks
  • testing inside the team, e.g. web pages, tools, surveys or citizen science
  • creativity in- and outside the box, developing new Methods
  • producing examples of visual aids, songs, videos etc. to hand over to professionals
  • help in setting up similar remote support teams with very low ressource and budget requirement (all you need is an inexpensive Synology NAS)
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