• 24. – 27. 03. 2011 – Croatia
  • 14. – 17. 04. 2011 – Croatia
  • 05. – 08. 05. 2011 – Slovenia
  • 19. – 22. 05. 2011 – Austria


This training (24 participants) will impart basic technical knowledge on operating a WPM and enable staff to run the WPM in a basic technical and support function. Each of the trainings will follow a 96 hrs curriculum. Participants of these trainings will include personnel from organisations / authorities involved in civil protection.

Content of training: theory and practice of running a water treatment plant, distribution of water and basic quality control. The trainings will be located in the partner countries as joint trainings, which intensify the cooperation of international participants and will also enable effective cooperation during deployments. Participants will be selected by the PMT and the PSGs, emphasizing participation of CP personnel.


Information 2nd Basic technical training


Feedback evaluation ogulin, march 2011


Feedback evaluation krapina, april 2011


Feedback evaluation ig, may 2011


Feedback ecaluation eisenstadt, may 2011


Basic Technical Training, March 2011, Croatia

Basic Technical Training, April 2011, Croatia

Press conference before 3rd training weekend in Ig, Slovenia, 5.5.2011

Basic Technical Training, May 2011, Slovenia

Basic Technical Training, May 2011, Austria

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