FACE Convention


Friday, 14 June 2013


14:00-16:00 Lectures and Workshops on First Aid issues at Welios (Weliosplatz 1, 4600 Wels)

open to public




1. Results of  European study on First Aid for Drivers 2013 (presented by CHRISTOPH MUELLER, German RC)
In cooperation with Automobile Clubs in 14 countries, National Red Cross Societies have conducted a  European study on First Aid Knowledge testing and interviewing 2800 drivers in 2012.
The results show a massive difference between willingness to provide First Aid and the real skills especially concerning life saving measures.
The comparative results will be presented during the session and consequences for the improvement of the impact of First Aid training will be presented and discussed.

2. Intercultural and educational challenges of First Aid training (presented by CHRISTOPH MUELLER and ESHA MOHAMMED, German RC) 
In many  European countries  Fist Aiders with multicultural  background  represent a minority compared with the increasing proportion of  citizens with migration background in European states.
Based on a nationwide initiative of the German Red Cross on intercultural opening, success factors and barriers for the mobilization and  training of  citizens with migration background will be discussed.
Experiences from different European countries will be compared and a new interactive First Aid cartoon video will be presented.


3. First Aid Reference Centre (presented by DIANE ISSARD, French RC)

The IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre was initially created in 1996 as a European Reference Centre, gathering 52 European National Societies around first aid education. End of 2012, the Centre became a global one. This centre of excellence aims at developing first aid training in accordance with the Movement's recommendations and international scientific guidelines. Other areas of focus include supporting National Societies in domestic training and network-wide information sharing, assuring qualitiy management of first aid and supporting first aid harmonization within the Movement.



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