The First Aid Convention in Europe (FACE) is an annual European Red Cross/Red Crescent event, which has taken place in different countries across Europe since 1987.

It brings together Red Cross / Red Crescent National Societies from across Europe to share ideas, share first aid practices and to compete in a European Competition.

These countries compete in a team first aid competition. The competition consists of a number of working stations where the team members have to deal with real-life scenarios as they would when they volunteer with their Red Cross / Red Crescent Society.

Each scene has a number of “casualties” who have realistic-looking injuries. The injuries are crafted by a team of casualty simulators and look very life-like.

The team is marked on their first aid treatment, their psychological care of the patient, their management of the scene and other related matters.


FACE Brochure for download

InfoPoint and Hotline

Infopoint / Reception Desk

“Messe Wels” / Fairground


Weliosplatz 1

4600 Wels


FACE Hotline (open 13th-16th June):

+43/664 8234 301    and    +43/664 8234 302

Map of Welser Messe (Fairground) - Infopoint

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