What does the "Stopp Corona"-App auf the Austrian Red Cross do?

The intent of the Stopp Corona-App is to help interrupt the chain of infection of the Corona virus as fast as possible. It uses an anonymous contact diary which logs personal encounters using a "digital handshake". If one person shows symptoms of the corona infection, all those who "digitaly shook hands" with that person will be automatically informed, that one of their anonymous contacts shows signs of an infection. They are then asked to isolate themselves aswell to reduce the risk of infection others and break the chain of infection. This way fewer people will be exposed to a potential infection. Additionally, this system supports and relieves doctors, who would otherwise have to go through this process manually. This will be more effective, the more people are using the App. Every download helps!

Digital Handshake

Everyone using the App, is able to register whenever they are meeting with someone else, like friends, family or in your Job. These contacts will be saved anonimously.

Medical Report

If a doctor determines a corona infection of a person, that person may then choose to report this anonimously via the App to everyone they "digitally shook hands" with.

We care about data security

Your privacy is very important to us! We have designed the app to record as little date as possible. It is in our interest, that we are not able to identify you as long as you do not report an infection with the Corona virus. Only when you report an infection, we will record your phone number for maximum 30 days, to prevent misuse. Other than that, we will only know a unique user ID (UUID) which is not connected to any other data points. With the provided information it is not possible for us to find out who you are.

Download the App


The App is only available in Austrian App-Stores. The current Version of the App works with Android 6.0 and higher, aswell as iOS Version 13.5 and higher.

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