Das Internationale Kommitee vom Roten Kreuz berichtet

Central African Republic: More than 30 injured taken to Bambari Hospital

Tensions remain high in the streets of Bambari following an outbreak of inter-community violence in the region. On 23 June, so many injured patients were arriving at Bambari Hospital that the facility was overwhelmed within a few hours. With support from the Central African Red Cross Society, the...

26.06.14 19:35

Egypt: Surgeons enhance their knowledge of treating weapon wounds

Thirty doctors will today complete a three-day seminar on surgical techniques for weapon-wounded patients in Alexandria. The seminar was organized jointly by the ICRC, the Curative and Critical Care Sector of the Ministry of Health and Population, and Alexandria University Hospitals.

26.06.14 18:06

Yemen: Dr Al-Mohatary's experience with the ICRC

Dr Al-Murtaza Bin Zaid Al-Mohatary Al-Hasny talks about IHL and Islam from a Zaidiyya perspective.

26.06.14 14:45

South Sudan: Grace finds her mother

Grace Macon, a volunteer at the South Sudan Red Cross in Awerial County, describes how she first came in to contact with the Restoring Family Links service. Re-establishing contact with her mother, from whom she had been separated since the violence erupted in Bor, brought great joy to her life and...

25.06.14 16:48

Prohibition and punishment of torture and other forms of ill-treatment

There is an absolute ban on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and outrages upon personal dignity under international humanitarian law and international human rights law. The prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment derives from the Geneva Conventions of 1949,...

25.06.14 13:19

Challenges raised by increasingly autonomous weapons

Day dedicated to victims of armed conflicts – the challenges of new technologies in armed conflicts, focus of an panel discussion, 24 June 2014, Geneva. Speech by Ms Christine Beerli, vice-president of the ICRC.

24.06.14 19:10

Israel and occupied territories: How does the ICRC work with prisoners on hunger strike?

We are doing all we can to help Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike. ICRC doctors and delegates are carrying out regular visits to all prisoners on hunger strike, and we are paying special attention to those who have been on hunger strike for a long time. We are also continuing our...

24.06.14 18:35

South Sudan: Coping with the challenges amid armed conflict

Includes VIDEO – An ICRC tracing delegate in Juba describes the challenges created by the conflict in South Sudan, and how the ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross try to cope with them while working to reunite families separated by the conflict.

24.06.14 16:24

Mali: Health professionals trained in war surgery

A workshop on the treatment of patients injured by firearms or explosive devices, organized by the ICRC, is opening today in Bamako.

24.06.14 02:00

Iraq: ICRC steps up aid operation as conflict intensifies

Armed conflict continues in Iraq. Fighting has spread from Mosul into parts of central Iraq, and has been taking place in Anbar since December. Thousands are dead and over 800,000 displaced.

20.06.14 14:47
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