Das Internationale Kommitee vom Roten Kreuz berichtet

Madagascar: Magistrates seek to relieve overcrowding in prisons

Some 40 magistrates are taking part today in a workshop, organized jointly by the Ministry of Justice and the ICRC, on the problem of prison overcrowding. Faster processing of criminal cases and the development of alternatives to pre-trial detention, release on probation and other measures will be...

17.04.14 11:17

Gabon: ICRC signs headquarters agreement with government

The Gabonese government and the ICRC signed an agreement today formalizing the organization's permanent presence in the country.

17.04.14 11:09

Lebanon: ICRC helps 5,600 people displaced by Tripoli violence

Recurring fighting in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, has driven thousands of people from their homes to seek shelter in safer areas of the city. The ICRC distributed food and other essentials to 5'600 of them between 14 and 16 April.

16.04.14 17:36

DR Congo: Healing the visible and invisible wounds

When bullets smashed through the walls of a house in Pinga, they left a little girl dead and her sister Chimène (7) seriously injured. Surgeons at Goma hospital had to amputate Chimène's left arm in order to save her life.

15.04.14 19:11

A Syrian refugee in Lebanon: Fatma's story

After her husband was arrested in early 2013, Fatma fled war-torn Syria for Lebanon with her four young children, aged 4 to 9. Following a long, dangerous journey, she now lives with a Lebanese family who has given her and her children shelter. She has not heard from her husband ever since. She...

15.04.14 16:30

Somalia: Delivering clean water in a conflict-stricken country

Making sure that Somalis have access to safe water supplies is a central part of the ICRC’s work in the country, as many sources of water in Somalia have been damaged or have lacked maintenance since the outbreak of conflict in the early 1990s.

14.04.14 19:27

United States: ICRC president completes Washington visit

The president of the ICRC, Peter Maurer, has just completed a four-day official visit to Washington.

12.04.14 00:43

South Sudan: Humanitarian situation critical before rainy season

Four months after the beginning of the conflict, humanitarian needs continue to increase in South Sudan. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. Tens of thousands need medical care. With fighting continuing in several areas and the rainy season approaching, the ICRC is concerned.

11.04.14 12:10

Colombia: Humanitarian situation and ICRC activities

VIDEOS - The hope of being able to turn the page and leave behind a conflict spanning five decades contrasted with the reality facing the victims of armed violence. The departments experiencing most difficulties were those in the south and west of the country and Antioquia and Norte de Santander.

10.04.14 21:42

South Africa: Experts recommend ways of making health facilities more secure

Community acceptance, provision of impartial treatment and psychosocial support for medical staff working under stress can all play key roles in making health-care facilities more secure amid armed conflict or other emergencies.

10.04.14 17:53
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