Das Internationale Kommitee vom Roten Kreuz berichtet

Rwanda: Emergency aid for detainees moved from fire-destroyed prison

On 5 June, a fire partly gutted Muhanga Central Prison (formerly Gitarama Central Prison), in Rwanda's Southern province. The prison, which can hold at least 6,000 people, saw the accommodation of 3,500 detainees go up in flames. Eyewitnesses described the blaze as "extremely severe." The cause is...

12.06.14 18:11

South Sudan: Living conditions worsen sharply amid ever more pressing food needs

Includes VIDEO – To counter growing food insecurity, the ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross have provided food supplies for around 250,000 people since the beginning of the crisis.

12.06.14 13:12

ICRC president calls for action on sexual violence in conflict

Every day, ICRC staff see sexual violence in the places where we are striving to make a difference. We witness the effects of this silent crime on individuals, families and communities. Over the next four years, the ICRC is prioritizing an effective response to sexual violence. This is the speech...

11.06.14 19:38

Ukraine: Scaling up aid effort to respond to growing humanitarian needs

Amid the ongoing violence in eastern and southern Ukraine, the ICRC is asking donors for an additional 8.2 million Swiss francs (approximately 9 million US dollars).

11.06.14 11:10

South Sudan: Saving lives and bringing hope to the displaced

AUDIO SLIDE SHOW – An ICRC delegate describes with powerful images and anecdotes the resilience of the displaced and their recognition of the lifesaving food aid that we're providing through air drops in the town of Leer, Unity State, South Sudan. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are...

06.06.14 19:08

Ukraine: Seminar on application of IHL norms during military operations

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence have just finished a two-day seminar in Dnipropetrovsk on applying international humanitarian law in military operations.

06.06.14 16:38

Getting the picture: working as a new detention delegate in India

In his second diary entry, new delegate Mark Thomlinson explains his detention work for the ICRC. Mark, who is from Britain, visits people detained in connection with the situation in Jammu and Kashmir – this often means those who are accused of having taken up arms in pursuit of an independent or...

06.06.14 15:44

Libya: ICRC suspends activities after killing of employee

The ICRC has pledged not to abandon the people of Libya despite the murder in Sirte on 4 June of Michael Greub, who headed our sub-delegation in Misrata. The ICRC's acting deputy director of operations, Magne Barth, explains.

06.06.14 12:54

Iraq: Medical supplies reach Fallujah

Staff from the ICRC have delivered badly needed medical supplies to the main hospital in Fallujah. Because of persistent heavy fighting between government forces and armed groups, this is the first time ICRC personnel have managed to enter the city since January. They found immense needs and a...

05.06.14 13:49

Libya: ICRC delegate murdered in Sirte

The ICRC condemns in the strongest possible terms the murder of its staff member Michael Greub. The 42-year-old Swiss national, head of the organization's Misrata sub-delegation, was killed by armed men around midday today in the city of Sirte.

04.06.14 19:31
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