Das Internationale Kommitee vom Roten Kreuz berichtet

Mali: Visit to detainees in Kidal

Fifty people detained in connection with recent clashes in Kidal have been visited by the ICRC. The detainees, 32 of whom are being held by the High Council for the Unity of Azawad and the 18 others by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, were registered by the ICRC.

26.05.14 11:36

Sri Lanka: Forum on international humanitarian law

Sri Lanka will host the 24th South Asia Teaching Session on international humanitarian law, organized by the ICRC with the support of the Ministry of External Affairs Sri Lanka, from 26 to 31May.

26.05.14 11:16

Red Cross receives International Four Freedoms Award 2014

The International Four Freedoms Award 2014 was presented today by the Roosevelt Foundation in Middelburg, Netherlands, to the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, and the Vice-President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,...

23.05.14 19:30

War, protection and the law: President Peter Maurer on challenges the ICRC faces

The ICRC wants greater respect for existing laws of war and gaps filled in existing laws which leave civilians, the sick and the wounded vulnerable at times of conflict. Those were the core concerns raised by ICRC President Peter Maurer in a speech in London on the state of international...

23.05.14 15:55

Balkans flooding: ICRC helps National Societies respond to floods

Unprecedented rainfall has triggered the region's worst disaster in over a century. Between 13 and 16 May 2014 torrential rainfall brought floods that swept away roads and bridges, flooding entire towns in minutes.

23.05.14 13:16

Mali: Aid for victims of recent clashes in Kidal

The ICRC is concerned about the humanitarian consequences of recent fighting in northern Mali. Twenty people injured in clashes in Kidal and a further three injured in demonstrations in the city of Gao are being provided with care by an ICRC medical team at Gao Regional Hospital.

22.05.14 18:54

Syria: ICRC delivers emergency food aid in eastern Rural Aleppo

As fighting continues in and around Aleppo, the ICRC together with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is delivering emergency food rations for over 60,000 people displaced by violence in opposition- and government-held areas in the governorate.

21.05.14 20:13

United Kingdom: Crash course in law of armed conflict for Muslim NGOs

Practical dilemmas and the universal relevance of the law governing armed conflict were at the forefront of a 2-day workshop for Muslim NGOs organized by the ICRC, Muslim Charities Forum and the British Red Cross.

21.05.14 19:06

Northern Central African Republic: A delegate's story

Gabriel Mukalai was in charge of the ICRC's operations in northern CAR for two years. The region is isolated, forgotten by the government, dominated by armed groups. The population are paying the price, as they struggle to find food, water and medical care.

21.05.14 17:46

Haiti: New custody area for women in Les Cayes prison

The ICRC, working in cooperation with Haiti's prison administration, has just completed a new custody area in the civilian prison in the southern city of Les Cayes, one of the most overcrowded detention facilities in the country, where more than 600 people, including around 30 women, are being...

21.05.14 17:06
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