Das Internationale Kommitee vom Roten Kreuz berichtet

Lebanon: ICRC helps casualties

The ICRC team providing support for weapon-wounded people in Lebanon oversees the care given to patients who make their way to Lebanon suffering from complex, infected wounds caused by bombs, bullets and shrapnel. One such patient is 26-year-old orthopaedic specialist, Dr Mohammed.

20.05.14 12:37

Sudan: Continued suspension of activities has severe humanitarian impact

The International Committee of the Red Cross regrets that it has not been allowed to resume its work in Sudan. The suspension of its activities for more than three months is having severe consequences for the Sudanese population in areas affected by the armed conflict, which has intensified over...

16.05.14 21:57

Is humanitarian aid working?

Kenyan journalist Charles Onyango-Obbo describes how humanitarian organizations should harness local community responses rather than setting up large, isolated camps for refugees and internally displaced people. He advises humanitarian organizations to improve their communication in order to...

16.05.14 19:09

Jordan: Scaling up aid to Syrian refugees

With the Syrian conflict showing no signs of abating, the refugee crisis drags on. About 400 Syrians cross into Jordan on most days, with the figure reaching the low thousands whenever fighting intensifies. The number of Syrian refugees in Jordan now stands at almost 600,000.

16.05.14 14:20

DR Congo: Communities in north-central Katanga facing widespread violence

Since December of last year, the security situation in the area where the Manono, Mitwaba, Malemba-Nkulu and Pweto territories come together has worsened considerably, provoking regular displacement in north-central Katanga.

15.05.14 18:29

Niger: People fleeing conflict in Nigeria continue to arrive in Diffa area

The situation in north-eastern Nigeria is having a severe impact on neighbouring south-eastern Niger. Armed clashes are occurring in villages situated within hundreds of metres of the border. For the first time, clashes have pitted the Niger armed forces against armed men active in this part of the...

15.05.14 18:08

South Sudan: Boosting aid effort to respond to alarming humanitarian situation

Includes VIDEO - The humanitarian situation in South Sudan, already dire, is set to deteriorate further with the arrival of the rainy season. To maintain a suitably robust response and bring aid to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the conflict, the ICRC is asking donors for an...

15.05.14 14:09

Kenya: Discussing legal protection for prisoners with Islamic scholars

In a workshop held in Mombasa, Kenya, at the end of 2013, 33 participants, mostly Islamic scholars from East Africa and the Horn of Africa, debated the status, treatment and protection of prisoners. Khoder El Tari, Islamic world affairs adviser for the ICRC, co-organized the event.

13.05.14 19:31

Annual Report for 2013: A strong response to complex crises

The devastating effects of acute crises that emerged at the end of 2013 in South Sudan and the Central African Republic are still being felt. The conflict in Syria has assumed the proportions of a catastrophe, with serious implications for the entire region. In Afghanistan, Israel and the occupied...

13.05.14 14:07

Autonomous weapons: ICRC addresses meeting of experts

The ICRC spoke at the meeting of experts on lethal autonomous weapons systems held in the framework of the Conventional Weapons Convention in Geneva from 13 to 16 May 2014.

13.05.14 12:05
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