Without volunteers and a working system of volunteering, large-scale emergencies would hardly be manageable. Thus this projects puts emphasis on the role of volunteering in a cross-border perspective. Aim of the bilateral efforts is to connect the volunteering pools of Austria and the Czech Republic.



First step of this cooperation is basic research on the legal framework in which volunteering is embedded in both countries. This task will be undertaken in form of a comparative analysis about the legal aspects of a cross-border operation of volunteers.


Further Elements are a conference about the future of voluntary work within responder organisations – new concepts, challenges for the next years, best practises.


Austria has a very well developed, sophisticated and "professionalised" (in terms of training) voluntary system in disaster relief. Together with its media partner Hitradio Ö3 the Austrian Red Cross has developed an innovative instrument for managing spontaneous volunteers ("Team Österreich") which will assistance task supporting first responders in case of disaster. The Czech Republic as well has voluntary pools for additional assistance of the professional forces. For attracting more citizens to help in a team in case of disaster one milestone of SAVE.regions is designing a media campaign in South Moravia based on the concept of "Team Österreich".



Before being ready for deployment these new pools of volunteers get a well founded training. For better communication, managing and additional training of the volunteers a "web 2.0" platform will be developed.



In order to be better prepared in case of disaster the project ends with a concerted cross-border exercise with response units from Austria and Czech Republic.

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