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A) Research Phase - Task B



  •  Baseline Report

    The baseline report summarizes the outcomes of the initial research phase compiling the findings of the literature review, the case study and the documentation of the experts workshop.




  • Literature Review Summary

    Review of existing knowledge and literature in 4 main areas: 1) previous EU  Civil Protection Projects, 2)convergent volunteers and systems for managing them, 3)motivations for self protection and 4)online communities and online learning on self protection.


  • Case Study Report

    The aim of this case study is to explore and identify similar or comparable systems for managing convergent volunteers across Europe. It partly builds upon the findings of the previously conducted literature review.


  • Survey Analysis Report

    Expectations and training needs in self protection and disaster preparedness of convergent volunteers were assessed by means of an quantitative online survey. The findings were employed for helping to develop a prototype training curriculum for use in e-learning.

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B) Implementation Phase





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