survey analysis

Aim of task C was to assess the expectations of members of the volunteering communities (which were identified in task B) towards the structures and offers of their hosting organisations as well as evaluating their training needs in self protection and disaster preparedness.


The findings were employed for appraisal of the organisations’ internal coherence and secondly and more central for this project, for helping to develop a training curriculum for specific use in an e-learning application for disaster preparedness. The target group of this online training are convergent volunteers and more general, interested citizens. They will be provided with necessary, adequate and correct knowledge in various areas and topics of self protection and disaster preparedness, such as floods or blackouts.


Means of reaching this target was developing and using an online accessible quantitative survey to address the members of the volunteering communities. Members were asked about their attitudes towards volunteering, on how to improve their communities, their training needs and giving them the opportunity to give feedback to the representatives of their communities.


  1. Develop survey (C.1) - Developing an pre-testing an online accessible questionnaire with quantitative character
  2. Carry Out survey (C.2) - 1000 Volunteers should be surveyed in two or more European countries.
  3. Survey analysis (C.3)


  • Survey analysis Team Österreich | Download
  • Survey analysis Bürgerinitiative Hochwasser | Download



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