Project Team Meeting
23rd November 2009
National Headquarters of Polish Red Cross, Warsaw


Biuro Zarzadu Głównego / National Headquarters
Polskiego Czerwonego Krzya / Polish Red Cross
ul. Mokotowska 14
00-950 Warszawa


Katarzyna Stepinska
Head of Programmes Department
Tel.: +48 22 3261 290




Monday, 23rd November 2009


09.30 – 12.30:

1. Welcome and current implementation status

2. Media Campaign (Task D): design a ready-to-use concept campaign to implement
a convergent volunteer initiative


a) Convergent Volunteer Community – form & function
Discussion of the following topics:
- Target group
- Requirements for membership: (e.g. age, mobile phone, e-mail, character
- Indications / domains of application: (e.g. assistance [manpower] ,
specialists in case of disasters only, assistance in times of no disasters,…)
- coordination and communication within own organisation to reduce
internal resistance
- media partner
- feedback & lessons learnt by ARC


b) Design a media campaign - preliminary considerations
- Target group
- Target of campaign (e.g. 1000 members)
- Means to reach target group (e.g. radio spots, tv-spots, classic ads,…)
- Communicated values
- Existing communities


12.30 – 13.00 Lunch break


13:00 – 16:00


3. Database adaption (Task F)
Adapt the existing Team Österreich database (registration, user-, training- and
operation management) to the needs of project partners
- Collected data
- Introduction and briefing on how to use the database (ARC)


4. Upcoming schedule and deliverables


5. final Q/A




Online schedule and route:




Updated Minutes



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