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The first field exercise was held in the region of Buzet / Croatia from 20th to 26th Sept 2010. In the Ex, which aimed to

  • gain practical experience under field conditions
  • train with the technical equipment
  • train assessment-proceduresidentify and train potential Team-leaders
  • practice communication and reporting


participants had an initial practical refresher-training and were trained on addiditional skills needed for missions (e.g. Radio-communication, GPS), while in the second half of the week “deploying” to a flood-scenario in a mission-like setting in self-sufficient groups. During the whole week participants worked in teams of 5 to 6 persons being supported and mentored by trainers and facilitators. 43 persons were actively involved in the exercise on-site.Participants were asekd to give their feedback on the two parts of the Ex separately. Asked for their impressions on their trainers the following results were turned in:


Content-wise the participants felt like this for the two parts of the exercise (the question on “climate of the days” was interpreted in two ways as both group-climate and meteorological climate, which actually was not that bright):


croatia 2010 feedback content

Asked on some aspects of the general framework of the exercise the following feedback was turned in.


In total, we find satisfying results for the Ex with room for improvement regarding didactic competences and timing of the trainers. For both parts of the exercise participants felt that equipment could be optimized though practical activities were scored with high contentment. Accomodation and sanitary structures were set up in a “field-oriented way” (tents, mobile toilets) thus providing a basic levels of amenities. The participants also felt, that English as exercise language was not used continously. Focus in future exercises should be given to the “deployment”-part as a training option in a mission-simulating way.

croatia 2010 feedback trainers
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