taskdeliverables2010 Q12010 Q22010 Q32010 Q42011 Q12011 Q22011 Q32011 Q4
Ameetings and conferences of project governance / management structure incl. minutesxxxxxxxx
signed partnership agreementsx       
first progress report to the EC  x     
second progress report to the EC     x  
final report incl. project review       x
Bfully functional web-based HR-database    xx  
fully funtional framework of cooperation amongst the partners       x
fully functional operational deployment workflow       x
effective logistics-procedures ensuring fast and efficient deployments       x
Cfully functional cross border equipment x      
D20 technical WPM team members trained in first basic technical training x      
first practical training on field level  x     
20 technical WPM team members recieved advanced training     x  
20 technical WPM team members trained in second basic technical training     x  
15 experts with teamleader abilities trained      x 
second prectical training on field level      x 
operational review workshop with participants from EC, CP authorities and other CP organisations       x
Ededicated websitesx       
various appearances of the project in the mediaxxxxxxxx
presentation and information at various eventsxxxxxxxx
Layman's report       x
x… milestone
 … reached in time
 … delayed
 … not reached
 … no information available




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