18.–26.6.2011 / AT or CRO


This training (20 participants) will provide opportunity for selected participants of the basic technical trainings and other equally qualified technical personnel to extend their knowledge on planning, setting up and running a WPM and on other technical aspects of an WPM deployment such as logistics, sanitation and hygiene promotion.


The training with a duration of eight days (approx 96 hours) will include participants from organisations/authorities involved in civil protection.


The persons that have successfully completed this training will be able to manage all technical aspects of a WPM deployment and will work closely together with the team leader.


Agenda for advanced technical training (96 h):

  • Water and Sanitation in emergencies;
  • Disaster response and CP mechanism
  • Assessments basics;
  • Sphere standards;
  • Water Purification systems;
  • Water testing, chemical treatment;
  • Household water treatment;
  • Communication / GPS / GIS;
  • Sanitation, latrines, vector control;
  • Hygiene promotion;
  • Public health in emergencies;
  • Working with tanks, pipes, pumps, engines incl. repair-work;
  • Distribution - Water trucking, tap-stands, filtration unit;
  • Dismantling of equipment;
  • Field work;
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