XH2O 2 01



… is a project co-funded by the European Commission with the aim of increasing  preparedness capacities of the EU civil protection mechanism regarding the rising number of hydro meteorological  disasters. XH2O is coordinated by the Austrian Red Cross, supported by its project partners the Croatian Red Cross and the Slovenian Red Cross.


The overall goal of XH2O is to set up a multinational cross border Water Purification Module (WPM) according to the standards of the European Commission. In order to ensure fast and efficient deployment during a timespan of about 12 weeks additional staff will be trained and water purification equipment will be purchased.


Thus the XH2O project will lead to a faster and more efficient response of the EU civil protection mechanism in future disasters with special focus on the identification, dissemination and learning effects of this project.



Project co-funded by the European Commission, DG Environment, Civil Protection Unit

Grant Agreement No. 070401/2009/540452/SUB/A4

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